Hello Beautiful Souls,

I hope each and every one of you is doing quite as alive and well as I have been. Weekender...yes,yes...not in fact a word. I believe its rather an activity we all practice is it not?! I know it is because it one of the many hobbies I have involved in. Enjoying the time off from grueling work. I bet we all choose to practice said activity in a plethora of ways. Many of which are common, others lets say rather better done than shared to the world. HAHAHA...ahhh well, the important part is being alive and well as I stated in the beginning. Doing things that one enjoys doing.

I've seen the most exotic manifestations of humanities creations alongside my colleagues, spent time contemplating our next move on a revolution elsewhere in the world

As always sanity is not a necessity but it is a nice thing to have!



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