10.6.2011 Thursday Rambles


First off, since I have found the time admist all the crazy going on in this marvelous world. I do want to give a grand appreciation to all that have allowed us their wonderful presence on this journey. All you great people in these pictures I would like to thank each and every single once of you as well as YOU THE VIEWER, for taking the time out of your busy lifestyle to see this. Its extremely appreciated all the word of mouth going on. It could not be expressed enough all the love felt here.

Please as well do not be afraid and feel free to comment on any post you would like, as well as leave any suggestions or ideas on CONTACT link. In case you would like to stay up-to-date with the post going on here FACEBOOK (like!) and as well TWEETS from us are available.


We are going to take some time an give a grand moment to a genius and inventor how has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other and of course will go down in history for his achievements STEVE JOBS, he has unfortunately left us, but he has left us all with his great tools.


Average person, like us who has fun mixing together clothes. Ran into his blog couple days ago, pretty interesting. Guy from CALI. ADAM GALLAGHER


As always do not be afraid of fear but fear itself



  1. The MileHighCity has soul, inspired by the Arts; Denverites have their own unique aesthetic. Catch me on the city streets of the 303!!! JMJ


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