What fashion claims

Hello Wonderkins!

I usually enjoy spending time getting ideas from others for inspiration and ways to better myself. Then once in a while there is something that strikes me, it would be a great disaster at times not to share it

As for today this happened. This image does not directly express the views of this blog, but it does create some commentary. Yes, I do street style which = fashion, but I enjoy sharing not only good taste but information as well.

SO please I ask view the following image with an open mind and heart

The ad was made for WWF (world wildlife fund) states Fashion claims more victims than you think

If you would enjoy viewing more of the creative ad tactics of WWF you can view more @ Panda.org(photo)



  1. This is heart wrenching, just like the poor seals in Canada. Keep up the good work and make these information available to the public!


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