New Year Shananigans


'Tis been awhile, but there is no need to worry, now that all the fun time celebration fuss is all over and done with, we can all get back to WORK. Im just kiddin' with ya I do sincerely hope you all had a great time together with the loved ones and what not and I do hope the best for you all in this upcoming new adventure the world has given us....'cause come on lets face it THE WORLD DID NOT END...(yet).

Along with this new year. Comes along new ventures for everyone to try out with that in mind. There are gifts I'd like to giveaway


Do not be afraid to try something new,you have a whole new chapter to add to your life...So why not free clothes?! All you have to do this comment to this post by telling moi a couple of your new year resolutions and your entered to win a !!!GIFT CARD TO F21!!! This contest will end on February 10

*Forever 21 or any of their affliates have no correlation with STYLEINFORMANT nor is STYLEINFORMANT endorsed in any way by Forever 21,inc*

As always seize the day



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