Love Compliments 4.12.2012


This time around people watching and hunting was pretty swell and easy because people where dressed well left and right. It was hard to choose who to shoot and who not too. But as everything in life there is a reason to shoot the people that get lucky enough to get their picture taken....don't see yourself, do not worry we will capture you soon.

In general it was such a joy to get to capture and meet this batch of people, for the few moments we had for conversation it was truly amazing and worth it. LOVE IT! Thanx for the comments,compliments,oppotunities,wonder and just being yourselves.*HUG* A representation of why this blog was created and why its a joy to keep on truckin' with it

THANK YOU ALL! Readers and People on these post alike DENVER:Auraria Campus
DENVER: Light Rail (16th and Stout)


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