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Going with the flow here, posting a real life update on life here for Coloradorans But no seriously, it has been a real tough couple of weeks for us here from weather at the 100's(OMFG) to losing some homes due to WILDFIRES. We are strong people here in the middle of the United States, we know how to learn from these life adventures and use them as positive tools.

If you would like to donate to those affected by the wildfires here in Colorado you are more than welcome to by the following links:
  • American Redcross Colorado Chapter
  • Salvation Army
  • As well if you have a VERIZON PHONE you can txt REDCROSS to 90999, where $10 will be donated 100% of the proceeds will help those in need from the Colorado wildfires

    While on this topic of lending a helping hang you are more than welcome to view and feel some inspiration by JESSICA'S PROJECT

    I hope this fills the philanthropist...that loving and caring compassionate person you are and NO ONE ELSE KNOWS

    Thank you and LOVE YOU *hug*


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