No.100! Thank you


Well, thats a great achievement as always gotta thank you all! Readers,viewers, stylish folks of the world, even you stranger just browsing. Thank you and a great big huge hug!

Just to celebrate this 100 post achievement, I have to get some quick shout outs outta the way. Cannot express my gratitude everytime someone takes the time to give us a lil' comment. Its a way for us to keep in touch and know that you enjoy out work!

First off, turns out Tia who was featured in out last post Building a wardrobe is a fellow blogger. THE CLOSET CHEMIST. Check her out! Saw it very cute and wonderful! Words cannot express my graditude! As well as love to PEARLS AND PEACOCKS and ANYTHING WITH STUDS. Who just stopped by to say hey. Lovely blogs for both of ya!



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