Feminine Spikes 3.26.13


ALAS, the spring weather is flowing in the air. Full of fresh changes. To be honest, though spring is complicated season due to the fact that everyday is filled with constant change. One moment the sun is out like in summer and in an instant you get those wonderful yet dreadful April showers. If your a lucky COLORADORAN, as here in STYLEINFORMANT we are, well to say the least you get the blast to experience all four seasons in a day. YEP, a single day. A week more reasonable, but here we get summer,winter,fall and spring in a day. Let's keep that in mind. So here, people do have a unique take on personal style

DENVER: 16th and Glenarm

ashleyfrank (1050x1400) ashleyfrank3 (1400x1050) ashleyfrank2 (1050x1400)

ASHLEY FRANKLINThis lovely charmer was found along the Denver Pavilions, which is an outdoor shopping venue, located in the heart of the city of Denver. One of the most excited,nice and helpful fashion stars encountered so far.ENERGETIC and FUN

Skirt,Hat and Jacket all from FOREVER 21. The back cut-off shirt is from REVIVAL



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