Style Schooled 4.9.13


Unfortunately, here in the land of the famed 3oh!3 (Denver Area Code) we are often gifted with unexpected climate change, but we strive forward. While one day is sunny the next ya wake up staring at a blizzard through your window. That's how we rock the spring. No matter what the weather is going to arise the next day, it does not affect the general population

In fact, these unpredicatable conditions is what helps inspire the wardrobe of the hip youngsters that live in this lively city. Seeing them go about their lives persuing their dreams with such creative taste and savvy. Such as fellow fashion lover and artist,Tyree Carter who is the blogger for GARMENT ADDICT. A blog dedicated to give you gear at a cost you do not have to spare an arm and a leg for. Though, LUCKY'll look like ya did

Denver: 1st and Colorado

artstudent (1050x1400) artstudent3 (1400x1050) artstudent2 (1400x1050) TYREECARTERGARMENTADDICT interngrl (1400x1050)



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