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Wonderkins! Remember when...

Remember when beauty queens and supermodels ruled the world? Names like Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Eva Evangelista flashed the scene. These 'supers' were plastered everywhere on TV shows,commercials, billboards, and almost every magazine cover. Just as much as the HYPE from MISS UNIVERSE or MISS AMERICA all the excitement that would flow through our little veins. All that blood flow just to see the face of who won, who is the next to behold the most coveted prestigious crown. This gave the rest of us an inspiration of what to look forward to.

Thinking about it brings all the wonderful memories back. But there is one thing pondering.......WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM? WHERE DID ALL THE SUPERMODELS AND BEAUTY QUEENS GO? LIVING IN A CAVE? STUCK IN A ISLAND? We're sure they still exist here and there but the 'hype' is all gone. Our inspiration for them has gone elsewhere.....interesting

Which makes us think...........

Hot topic: BEAUTY

The definition according to Webster's.BEAUTY:n. Quality that is pleasing to the eye

The whole idea and concept of beauty has been a hot topic for sometime now, always flowing in and out.What is BEAUTY? Hard question. As we are constantly surrounded by unwritten rules and images as well everyone has a different view. But, the most constant image is to be thin,tall,long hair,tons of make-up,toned body, and ah! yes be famous. Hopefully that's somewhat correct. ......The idea was brought to light while doing a simple beauty regimen we all do: NAILS/MANICURE! How ironic?!. A woman next to me was discussing the model on a cover of a magazine, in a disappointed way, expressing how it is sad how "they" (magazine companies) view beauty and it is expected for everyone to follow. Then stated how is some countries that is not beautiful,what is beautiful is to be LARGE, Large is beautiful. In a small town in Africa, the larger women are the more desirable they are....(Fun idea) But what beauty is, is not really stated....We conversed quite a while on the topic and we both agreed that nowadays that line of beauty and the expectation of it is quite blurred. We were both content with that.

Little girls should be appreciated for their talents. That's what's important. That's where it all begins-Woman at Salon

My take from our conversation:In our day and age there has been huge steps taken toward it and all have been in a positive way. From regulations in modeling agencies for size,(buh-bye anorexia) to advertisement campaigns(DOVE REAL BEAUTY), and now actresses (Rebel in PITCH PERFECT).Being ultra thin is now gross and weak. While being bigger is nothing to be ashamed of but rather be embraced.We have changed and contorted the mold that was once there, and made it all our own. (I LOVE IT!)

Let's go back to the beginning....Remember when Beauty queens and Supermodels ruled the world?.....Where are they now? Nowadays,no one knows who is on top or who won the competition. Nor does it matter.All that matters is what we would like it to be. Webster's got it right, we all have eyes and we all have the right to choose to view the world anyway we would like.

Bwithaz, Informer


  1. Wooow! What a well put together article! And we'll thought out :-)

    It's a shame how Western Culture perceives beauty. Skinny and emaciated certainly is NOT beautiful. But I'm not here to judge. I remember watching a social experiment where scientists or social workers, whatever, they had two dolls: one that was tall, skinny had make-up on, the works. And then another one that didn't have make-up on, not the best clothes and was a little thicker.

    They asked the girls which one they thought was "beautiful". You can assume which doll that they chose.

    I had no idea that Africans see big as beautiful! That alone is beautiful. Maybe more people across the water here can adopt those ideas that beauty is on the inside and not the outside. Overall, great article! I'm subscribed :-)

    "Beauty's Only Skin Deep" - The Temptations


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