Solo with the sun 6.8.2013


Alas, these past couple of days have been full of fun and surprises. Not only with the utter joy filled within everyone now thats its official VACATION TIME no more school days for a while (well for some :/). Alas as well with the major change in the weather, sun rays all around and everyone is out and about trying to catch a few. Again, peeps not to much use your senses while indulging in the sun. Thanks to the positive climate change this brings up many events. Which hopefully STYLEINFORMANT will be able to cover for all to see. With all this in mind, here we leave you with these studs.

DENVER:14th and Broadway (Civic Center)

drew (1400x1050) drew2

DREW, a sweet way to combine your fave graphic tee is with eye popping prints such as colorful stripes

graham graham2 graham3

GRAHAM. Vintage boho. Great way to capture this is by having a classic simple look such as a tee and jeans. Then use an old jacket from your parents closet or something you have not worn since you were young.



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