No RAIN on my parade! 9.27.2013


AHHH! It time for fall, time for transformations and changes such as the weather suggest. Going from the long sunny lazy days or summer, to a nice chill and workin' hard indoors.(depending on your life)

Well here in the 3oh!3 we welcome the change... IN FACT we look forward to it. Because for us it means we get our mountain cool ice caps back and we can't wait to count the days to climb onto those mountain tops and have fun. SKI AND SNOWBOARD SEASON BRAH! lol.

For now until then...we enjoy our wacky fall weather from wind,rain,cloudy days and leaves fallin' we get the luck to experience it all in a day or EVEN in our week.

With this in mind we leave you with an example of how we do the FALL

Denver: 16th and Stout


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