Importance of Accessories 1.12.14


SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY! ha.ha Hopefully, that woke something up from inside you. Anywho, that's the jam that plays into head when there is a Sunday sunrise...quite the classic jam.Thank you U2 for giving the planet the gift of your music What do you wake up to?.Comment below

SUNDAYSare wonderful the one day of the week where is okay to be lazy. The one day to relax before the overhaul that the work week brings ahead. Time to create new ideas, watch a film, finish last minute class assignments (to the youngsters), recover from the past nights festivities, view a game, or just give yourself to time to indulge in lounging in the comfort of your own home.However, you spend it...ENJOY IT!

Denver:Hooked on Colfax (Colfax and Adams)

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