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Hello there!

Well as we do some surfing on the web, we find things that catch our attention. Here on the other hand gonna share our findings.

Hey Hadrien!

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I'm Hadrien Leite, 17, From a small city in Brazil on the northeast of the country here almost don't have fashion scene, people wear too casual like shorts and flip flops, sometimes (like now) ahah i wear like this when i'm at home and i will not take outfit pics or going to out.

What made you get into blogging? Huuum... My passion for photos. My blog(Hey Hadrien!) It's not my first blog, when I started my first blog like a year ago I don’t know what bloggers do at that time, and nobody told me, so I was not caring with what I'm wearing to take my pics but just in the pics, of course the pic it's a big deal but it's a Outfit post so you must wear something acceptable, and i though that bloggers was just producer, it’s a lots of work UFFF... , so after a long travel that i’ve done i’ve wondering a lot than I decided to restart my blog, and with a week I created the Hey Hadrien!. (- just to you know my first blog’s name was Hadrien's Factor)-

What inspires you? I don’t really have too many inspirations but I like to see what people are doin’ around the big scene off the internet.So I have many fashion bloggers that enjoy following on my instagram just to see whats going on, if your in that blank-mind-day you must go to Pinterest, you will have a big bomb of cool things that will inspire you, that’s what i do.

Does the way you dress fit into a category or have a nickname? (i.e prep,grunge,punk,etc)I don't have a personal style, like grunge, rock or whatever...I enjoy wearing what I feel that day, but I love plaid and jeans, don't know why but I like them and I could not imagine myself not wearing it.Usually what I’m listening to helps me decide what to wear, music is a part my life. Since the start of the day, so theres somedays when I’m listening very deep songs I wear indie, and somedays more dark.

Do you have any advice to give?Wear what you like! There’s no other rule, I like to be casual like jeans, sunglasses, and I don’t like to be very formal (But sometimes you need to, in those cases it’s different) so I avoid formal pieces, just because it’s night you don’t need to take off your glasses ahahaha maybe don’t look good to the others eyes but to me it’s fine so I don’t give a damn!

Thank you Hadrien for you time!



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