Urban combat 1.11.14


Ahh! Its already the 2nd weekend of the year, ugh what a drag, how these days just seem to just sweep right by us without a darn care in the world. Anywho, as most you know, STYLEINFORMANT is from the MILE HIGH CITY or in other words 3oh!3 Denver ,Co. Here well ya know.....they are normal...for us anyway. We got a cool lil breeze going on, nothing like the infamous POLAR VORTEX thank you LIFE! As well people have been a little more "happier" than they used to be and oh yeah! almost forgot....the line at the local supermarket has been a tad bit longer than usual. Hmm...just an observation.(MMJ is on the rise in COLORADO, for those who have no clue)

Okay enough with world news and onward to why we're here! Got this guy relaxing chilling all cool in downtown. He is a fly lil up and coming singer/songwriter/heartbreaker. Akhir Smith.

Denver: 16th and California

Thank you for your time!



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