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Spring is in the air, and puts almost anyone in a jolly mood. Just like Pharrel Williams' song "Happy". Even, if you have not had the best day at work or school or with your significant other, whatever your life situation is...sometimes you just step outside and with those rays of sun and colorful flowers on the ground it makes you SMILE!

When you wander off and set your mind free....you'll be amazed by what comes your way. So do not be afraid to take a stroll and wander off once and a while

Grim & Darling:16th St Mall

 photo girlguitar3_zpsc66eae87.jpg  photo girlguitar4_zps065748c7.jpg  photo girlguitar5_zpsda8bf3fb.jpg This is Grim and Darling, a very cute and talented duo! Fans already. If you would like to know about them feel free to check out!
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