Friendly Strangers 8.10.2014

Beautiful Creature!

August! Fall is just around the corner. No worries though. I understand its time to enjoy the last moment left of summer and time to hit the books.....for some. For those of us left it just means no long heat days.

No more sadness. Lets keep it positive. Summer is just in general a great time to meet friends and make friends.Social media helps out with meeting people with similar interests. One of those mediums is INSTAGRAM with INSTAMEETS you can meet creative and cool people that live around your area.... FACE TO FACE. So you can finally meet that one INSTAGRAMMER you idolize in person and EVEN get a photo taken by your INSTAIDOL and learn a few new tips.

Here is my adventure with anINSTAHANG.First of all...thanks to Colorado Instagram for creating the Instameet at Huckleberry Roasters. It was such a joy to meet everyone involved and as well to all the fellow instagrammers that came through. Such a neat experience to explore an unknown neighborhood with such friendly strangers who became friends along the way.

Rino Art District - 25th and Larimer

coloinsta photo coloinsta_zpse7fa292d.jpg zack photo DSC_0078_zps6e3e829c.jpg ryan photo DSC_00792_zpsf764ed23.jpg gear photo DSC_0073_zps87e1f82b.jpg natalie photo DSC_0065_zps1921c413.jpg leather photo DSC_0087_zps5b94794c.jpg tod photo DSC_0085_zps67843afa.jpg model pose photo DSC_0056_zps9c0363dd.jpg michael photo DSC_0077_zps8099e13c.jpg blend photo DSC_0062_zpsee60d86f.jpg hang photo DSC_0083_zpse11a9848.jpg tools photo DSC_0098_zpsfb3d43d4.jpg instameet photo DSC_0092_zps75d19845.jpg

I would like to thank everyone for allowing myself to take your pictures. If you would like to connect with these creative and great humans. Here are links to their INSTAGRAM accounts:

  • coloradoinstagram
  • tadlockaflocka
  • mkochar
  • Chris_wooden
  • zckrf
  • coffeeshopphotographer
  • jaydotson
  • josiahfilm
  • loganrojas
  • natalielroth
  • mrryanrogers
  • samryanfilms
  • dylanrojas
  • Thank you for viewing, HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!


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