Informant gone Trippin' 2015

Hello Wonderkins!

Alright lets get real! Its been real dead up on here, no joke, like not even a fly has come by to hang out. But thats all cool and dandy 'cause. 2015 has been rolling in like a storm...but an awesome storm, not like the mad crazy one you pay $20 to see a 2hr movie on. A storm of all the best things that can happen coming in one and by one with no time in between.

With all that blah blah jazz outta the way we commence this 2015 journey. For starters we are gonna get a lil international this year and a bit more adventurous as well.

Location: Cuastecomate and Autlán,Jalisco,Mexico cuastecomate photo DSC_0074_zpscf3nyh8w.jpg cuastecomate2 photo DSC_0085_zpsnu6bg3de.jpg elcoyame photo DSC_0116_zps5awekikk.jpg elcoyame2 photo DSC_0146_zps0bdnbbgy.jpg cavalry photo DSC_0256_zpsx10kiwhw.jpg matador photo DSC_0412_zpsidsv1i8g.jpg matador2 photo DSC_0456_zpsbtpdigpn.jpg

Thank you for viewing!



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