Pretty in Pink 6.12.15

Sunshine, Sunshine Oh my its everywhere!...Well for the most part in those lucky few sunshine all day errday places like California or Florida. If your a reader from there HOWDY AND WELCOME!
If your from the 3oh!3 then my sentiments exactly. Here in the 3oh!3 we just packed our bags and took a road trip to Seattle and then kinda just...STAYED. Its been rainy sweater weather to the max here. But it keeps our surroundings even more beautiful to admire for when that sunshine comes back.

Lets take a trip to ultimate cuteness! Hello Kitty Friendship Festival! Oh my yes! It's an actual festival, like Hello Kitty made her magical world come to life along with her homies. I.E Batz Maru, Keroppi, My Melody and well you get the drill. Hello Kitty Land of fun, friendship, happiness and of course overall cuteness overload

Denver Coliseum: Hello Kitty Land

 photo a93875d8-e288-4e2b-83b9-98778d42d284_zpsdgra1nh4.jpg


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