Cheers 7.31.2015


The heat is goin up y'all and in all ways possible. Not just by the weather either Not gonna go into too many details of what is meant by Im sure you understand.

Why is it at the end of summer that we all remind ourselves to have the most fun?! Get those last seconds of dewy fresh freedom in. Talk to the people who didn't get a chance to. Go on that epic road trip. Plan to ask that one special person out. Check out that one place you have been dying to see. Wear that outfit you worked so hard to look great in.

Get where this is going.........

Go get off your seat/bed/couch or whatever else you are laying around in and listen to what your intuition is yelling at you for.......summer is not gonna be forever

Denver:Skyline Park

 photo london_zpsamkg2rf8.jpg This mate comes to you all straight from London  photo DSC_0317_zps19rvwqfx.jpg

Thank you! Bless your heart! Feel free to spread this onto others.

The Informant


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