Hair Expert 7.19.2015


Its always neat to meet people who actually enjoy their profession. People who are not only following their dreams but are living them. Its so inspiring and a breath of fresh air. Those people are the ones to ignite fire into all of us. They are living proof that daily life can change and for the better. Just truly believing in yourself and work hard to make what was once only imagination into a reality

Easier said than done. But for those of you out there struggling to take that dream outta your head and into a reality keep at it. Trust me.

Informant here has seen some dark times as well. Not yet with the luck to snag deals nor proper representation but one day, it will be possible to take you guys on the road to a great adventure. An adventure filled with neat people and some creative unique styles. For now...time to punch in those invisible hours to make an imagination into a reality.

Denver: 2nd and Milwaukee

 photo hairtat2_zps0z10lgq7.jpg  photo hairtat_zpszdhaxiqg.jpg

Thank you!



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