Summer Suit up 7.17.2015


The end of another wonderful week, woo hoo. All the slave work alas for the huge payoff...RELAX TIME. HAHA. Yes, Lame I know what an ol'geiser thought. But, seriously what did you think?!

Relaxing and giving your mind and body time to recharge the batteries to keep going. Just like when your phone dies, you instantly recharge it. Why not do the same with your own self. Free time to just lay around in your jammies and tune into NETFLIX. (Yes, I know you guys do that)

To the rest that still have to slave through the weekend...I know the struggle. While your friends are out having a good time your making sure your paycheck has a bigger number in it. Not easy but I'm sure you have your dreams waiting out there for ya at the end

Denver: Cherry Creek Mall (1st and Colo. Blvd)

 photo DSC_0291_zpschhdeaao.jpg  photo DSC_0293_zpswi6qp9jd.jpg

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