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As many of you are in the know here in the U S of A we have a long weekend ahead of us.Long weekends usually mean getaways for many. Right at this moment for many of you its a time where you are running around frantically getting some last minute plans ready.You are not alone. With that being was YOU that inspired this post

When you need help usually you go an get the experts....Styleinformant teamed up with AOB Med Spa to get you taken care of. What is AOB Med Spa?! Only the best place to go for all your skincare needs. They have 4 locations in Colorado where they thrive in custom and personal attention with professionally trained aestheticians to give you the most advanced medical spa treatments.

AOB MED SPA to the rescue!

Q&A with Seabron Pelc, Senior Medical Aesthetician at AOB Med Spa

SI:How should travelers care for their skin? What should they do before they travel? Seabron:Stick to your normal skincare regimen, and try not to switch up any products or get any new professional treatments right before you leave. You don't want to risk having a bad reaction to a new treatment or product right before your trip.

SI:What should they do when they come back from travel?
Seabron:A professional exfoliating treatment – such as a light chemical peel, microdermabrasion or an brightening or conditioning facial – is a great way to refresh the skin after traveling. Exfoliating can buff away the top layer of skin that’s been over exposed to sun, dry air, mountain winds or other damaging conditions during your trip.

SI:What should people take with them during travel?
Seabron:It’s best to take the same basic skincare products you use at home – Your cleanser, a great moisturizer, etc. Purchase small empty travel bottles and decant what you normally use into these containers, so you’ll save space, won’t risk losing or breaking your full size products and will decrease your chances of a travel related flare-up from using unfamiliar products. Don’t worry about bringing masques and special serums if you’ll be gone less than a week.

SI:What tips do you have for someone going on a long trip? (I.E: People on a long flight or for someone going on a road trip)
Seabron:Gentle makeup cleansing wipes can be utilized in situations when you can't wash your face as easily. Pack some in your purse along with a travel size moisturizer so you can use them during your long flight or ride, and at the same time, you’ll have something as a backup once you arrive, just in case your luggage gets lost. I like Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths.

SI:For people who are traveling by air. What tips would you have to avoid dry skin on flights?
Seabron:Hydration sprays are a lifesaver on flights and can also double as your toner and makeup setting spray while you’re traveling. My favorites are the jane iredale Hydration Sprays, available locally at AOB Med Spa. Not only do they moisturize, but they calm inflammation and reduce dryness and redness while flying.

SI:Lastly, What tips do you have for staying beautiful in various climates?
Seabron:If you're going to a place where you will be laying out in the sun (like a beach or pool, even Europe where you’ll be walking around sightseeing all day), make sure to have a broad spectrum sun protection with an SPF of 30 or higher. Reapply it every 2 hours, or more often if you get wet. The worst mistake you can make is avoiding sunscreen on Day 1, especially if you’re normally not in the hot sun all day. You may end up red and uncomfortable on your trip. I recommend Elta MD UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40. You can use a tinted or untinted formula, and the fact that it sprays on makes it so much easier to reapply when you are out and about! As for going from a dry to humid climate and vice versa, that can cause breakouts in the skin as your skin responds to such changes by changing levels of oil production. Make sure to bring a heavier moisturizer if going to a dry climate, and a lighter or oil free moisturizer if going to a humid climate. Start using these products a few days before you leave, so your skin is used to the routine.

Seabron Pelc, Senior Medical Aesthetician at AOB Med Spa
Seabron Pelc is a licensed medical aesthetician, specializing in IPL photofacials, laser hair removal, microneedling, chemical peels and CoolSculpting treatments. After graduating with honors from the University of Colorado at Denver, Seabron completed her training at the College of International Esthetics in 2010 with a focus in paramedical esthetics. She started her career at a high-end salon, focusing in customized skin care regimens, before joining AOB in December 2012. Seabron was inspired to become an aesthetician after struggling with Rosacea and sensitive skin for years. She truly has a passion for changing people’s lives through skin care, and a remarkable ability to recommend customized treatment plans and establish home care regimens for her clients. In her spare time, she enjoys going to concerts, checking out new restaurants, and enjoying beautiful Colorado!

Thank you to AOB Med Spa and of course to Seabron Pelc for all their tips!

Make sure to stop by AOB Med Spa in any of their locations or online for any skincare treatment @aobmedspa


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