Comic Con 2k16

Hello Wonderkins!

Summer time its lit! Like literally if when you head out and it not 100 degrees then its not summer! I hope you have all found your awesome and creative ways to stay cool under these blazing temps.

With all that said in done. Summer is also home to many great events that only happen once a year. If you don't attend then yeah cry you loser. #sorrynotsorry But seriously guys try and get out and have epic adventures. One of these events is where adults can get away with acting like children otherwise known as Comic Con and oh yeah Halloween. But in this case Comic Con. No worries no judgements its great to see imaginary characters come to live and honestly there is nothing greater. Here is a lil glimpse of that magic.

Comic Con: Denver Convention Center

 photo DSC_0085_zpsz2qqcxr4.jpg  photo DSC_0086_zpssyievlne.jpg  photo DSC_0089_zps86kexxva.jpg  photo DSC_0179_zps5ct90i3x.jpg  photo DSC_0092_zps8003deot.jpg  photo DSC_0091_zpsoojs9vmt.jpg  photo DSC_0095_zpsfczn1zkv.jpg  photo DSC_0108_zps2o4uaipr.jpg  photo DSC_0110_zpsrjzzlr7u.jpg  photo DSC_0111_zpsac9l4ztu.jpg  photo DSC_0117_zpscz96z0fm.jpg  photo DSC_0114_zps9hmm74qi.jpg  photo DSC_0130_zpsutqmgvfk.jpg  photo DSC_0125_zpssr329yyt.jpg  photo DSC_0139_zps3bb2jpz6.jpg  photo DSC_0141_zpsotu6fj4b.jpg  photo DSC_0146_zpsoky0cbwu.jpg  photo DSC_0155_zpsph4w4jux.jpg  photo DSC_0160_zpsu6maqay3.jpg  photo DSC_0174_zpsakuas7so.jpg  photo DSC_0168_zpsp6jfirvz.jpg  photo DSC_0166_zpsdojvpgdk.jpg

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