Styleinformant essentially began as a fun social experiment by two college students, who often found themselves people watching during their free time in between classes. The experiment was to compliment someone and record their reactions. The interest soon grew within the site, But unfortunately not the bond between the two students. They each went their separate ways.

Styleinformant Is now a Street style blog. Intented for people who just have their own natural style without trying to follow a trend. People who are walking down the street with their own suave taste of the world. They are not afraid to be who they are and or they know how to be truly comfortable in their own skin.

Managed by amateur photographer Beatriz Contreras. A twenty something who lives in Denver,Co. She loves to travel and have random adventures and documents them along the way.

To gain more insight please feel free to see this post.BEHIND STYLEINFORMANT

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